we're not a clan

We don't have a clan tag, participate in clan wars, or do anything else related to clans. We just play Starcraft together. We're all at the same skill level, good enough not to be a noob, yet not good enough for more advanced play. We play in our own little tournaments. We give each other advice, and get better as we go along. Feel free to join us and play, as long as you're not amazing at Starcraft, or are just mean, or a hacker or something. Just make a thread in the forums about it, or talk to someone in the channel.

edit: we may clan war if you piss us off, ROAR.

new members post here!
list of maps

I made a thread and I feel entitled to make a link to it on the front page here
seriously though we should start a tourney or something soon.

For an update on the state of Notorious, click here.

posted a thread about merging the forums here.

updating the website a bit. Also, welcome to newcomers.


looks like we have a full roster for the next tourney. We should start that soon.

We're in the process of recruiting two more players to get our second amature tournament underway. Many players from the channel are enjoying the recent break and playing casually, while others are practicing hard to bring in a win for the next tourney. Sign up now for that healthy dose of competitive starcraft play, and see how you rank this time around. Players have until the tournament's startup date to change race.

Rah made a bunch of threads regarding the next tournament - map voting, sign up, etc. Next tournament should start up in a few weeks or so. I added a page with all the maps we've used so far, with links to previews of them. (here)

I added some trophies to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place profiles. I was lazy, so the images have been generously donated by habbo hotel. :) (next time I'll make our own)

Rah secures Rank 1 in Notorious' first tournament from playing an epic 3set against ZeAlotZ. High ranks are still being fought over as the tournament wraps up.

Rah was talking about the current replay sights being bad, and I just happened to stumble on this. Try it out, see what you think. Apparently it gives you APM and stuff. Which is cool.

10/7/ 08
virLudens was eliminated on monday from the tournament, making the final ZeAlotZ vs. Rah.

The tournament is heating up. The final matchup will be determined by Tuesday when virLudens and ZeAlotZ square off in their long awaited semi-finals match.

With one player so far forfeiting in his ranked matches, and the threat of another DQ closing in, it was looking like Boognishwarrior would have a free ride to the top of the ladder. But Snijjer's back and ready to make him work for one of those precious top ranks. Good luck to both of them and everyone else as this tournament comes to a close.

News page up. I'll be posting updates on the channel here.

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