we're not a clan

but we do fun things
like tournaments
we're not great
but we're not terrible

Starcraft 2's out! Obviously the site is unused at this point, but I'll definitly be keeping Notorious alive in some form with the new game. I still talk to a lot of people from Broodwar, this update is for anyone we've lost contact with who tries to find a way to rejoin us. If you want to game with some familiar faces in Starcraft 2 hit me up. Still Rah, my identifier's 286.

With anticipations for Starcraft 2 growing, we're seeing more players around our skill level warming up on bnet for its release. Chances of finding a good game randomly is higher, so as always feel free to invite anyone that you enjoy playing with to the Notorious channel. That's how we started, and that's how we'll always be. Welcome new members.

i got my laptop back! I intend to play lots.

I'm completely redoing the website, this is where any news will go.

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